Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hand in More Than One Cookie Jar???

Xmichra Answers

This was sent to Aunt Babz via email...

My ex and I have being talkin for over a month. He gave me a password to his MySpace I read the messages they were all from his exs he even told each and everyone of them that he wanted to get back with them. We got back together for about a week now. There was this message he send recently saying to the girl to call him asap. I want to break up with him so he can keep doing his flirty thang so it wont hurt me no more. WHY WOULD YOU SAY YOU WANT TO GET BACK TOGETHER WITH ME IF YOU WERE ASKING ALL THOSE OTHER GIRLS OUT?! right? plz help!!
he even told me that this girl was just a friend that gave him advice about love but when i read the messages he said that she was pretty and ect.. on and on. and the password thing i had to kill him for it but he didnt want me to get uppset over the messges does this even mean anything?

Dear Friend,

Yes, it does mean something. It means that this guy wants everything and wants to give you nothing. This means that this guy wants to flirt and be with anyone, and if you were the one who went to him then he is all fine and happy. But that he will always be looking for someone else.

I truly hope that you come to your senses with this, and get of out of this relationship. I normally include something here for the off chance that things can work out, and some kind of advice as to go about doing it. But in this situation, I really believe that you are going no where with this guy.

The fact that he gave you the password to his MySpace account is inconsequential because he figures that he can talk his way out of what ever you read… and likely pawn it off as things ‘prior to you’ getting back together again.

Maybe this guy likes to have his hand in several cookie jars… who knows. But the one thing that I am getting from you is that you do not want to be in a polygamous relationship, which is to say that you do not want to be part of a relationship that involves your partner having relations with other women. And it is clear to me that he will/does want this.

Do yourself a favor and get the hell out of this one before you get hurt.

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