Thursday, March 15, 2007

The True Friendship Test

This was sent to Aunt B via email...

hey aunt b!
this is just a quick question, a friend is throwing a valentines party this
weekend and you have to go as a couple. i told my best friend i would go
with her but then today a boy that i have only recently become friends with
asked me to go with him in a jokey way so i thought he was messing about and
without thinking i played along and said 'sure'. my friend was standing
there when he asked and was all like 'what was that about?' she thinks he
meant it but i'm not sure if he did :s i don't know what to do and if he did
mean it then what about my best friend?
love A*****

Aunt B said...

Dear A*****,

Well, I don't know how old you guys are but this might be one of those Best Friend tests? You will find that your BF, may very well not be, your real BF, if she doesn't understand and bow out gracefully. I mean, your BF could get jealous if you go with this guy, instead of her. If she does get jealous, she's not much of a BF, now is she? But I have seen the very best of the best, just hate for you to get in a relationship, especially if they're not in one. See, then all of a sudden, your attention is on this new guy. You're not calling them as much anymore. No, you'd rather talk with your boyfriend, for hours, as you can never get enough of him. The phone rings, you answer it and it's your BF and you're almost disappointed that it's not the guy. So, a wedge is often placed between you and your girl friend. That's just how life rolls and you can only hope to not hurt anybodies feelings, along the way. If you think you like this guy, I would explain to your friend that you don't want to hurt her or her feelings. But you'd really like to go with this guy so, you are hoping she would understand. Then you say,"You're my absolute BF
, so I just know you are cool about this, right?" Then, you tell her, if it was her going out, you'd be excited for her. She may feel second rate but nobody ever said life is exactly fair. We all must learn to ask ourselves what we would do, if the situation was reversed. Would it make you jealous or upset, if she were asked, instead of you? It might sting a little, right? Your friendship may be tried but maturity dictates that you try to behave in an adult, kindly and considerate manner. This means; Suck it up and try to be happy for your friend, even if you are a tad bit jealous. You smile, fix your hair, put on some fresh gloss and act with dignity.
Yes, if you like this guy, go with him to the party and have your girl friend read this. See, you were concerned enough about not hurting her, that you wrote me, made me aware that you want to do right by this BF cause she means that much to you. True friendship never dies, players just go away mad...

Keeping It Real,

Aunt B

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