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Thursday, March 01, 2007

This was sent to Aunt B via email...

Dear Aunt B,
There is this guy that just moved in and took over in my family. We don't really know who he is and he has been around for the past five years or so. He is 36 years old and living with my parents. My brother won't go anywhere unless he goes and he is forcing my parents to buy houses that they can't afford. I tried talking to my dad and mom but they just wont listen. They think it's all going to be ok and I don't know what else to do. I want this guy out of the picture so we all can be a family again and so my daughter can be raised without thinking that's her uncle. How else could I fix this without my parents getting mad at me?
Aunt B said...

Dear Lisa,

I am getting a gut reaction, as you obviously have. Something is not right but I can't put my finger on it. As I read your email, red flags went up. I am not stirred wrong, when I listen to my spirit/intuition, which is exactly what you have been hearing. No, we're not crazy, well maybe I am but you're in the clear, hahaha!

There are a few things you can do. Of course, this answer will be a bit vague, as I don't have every detail, to base my response on. My suggestions can be done in conjunction with one another.

First, if you feel safe enough to do so, you write a letter of intention to this guy, stating your concerns. You firmly state, that in a business sense, you are commanding him to back off, cease and desist any further business ventures, he proposes. You also state, that you will present your attorney, (even if you do not have or can not afford an attorney, you tell him this) a copy (cc) of the letter, you are handing him, stating your feelings, loud and clear; Cease and Desist.

Try to obtain, all the paper work on these houses. State, to your parents, that you would like to reveiw them, only in their best interest. It is apparent to me, an outsider, that this guy has an ulterior motive, right? I mean, why else would he have a vested interest in obtaining or having your parents invest in these homes. It is quite rare for anybody to do anything, of that nature, out of the kindness of their heart. No, I think this fella must be driven by a stake in the proceeds, in some way. This is what you need to investigate. Assuming that you do not have the money, to obtain counsel or a private detective, I would suggest you do a little investigative work on your own. If you are concerned about animosity between this guy or your parents, if you pry, I do believe it is public information for you to go to the courthouse and ask about each and every house and who is signed as the owners. I don't know where you live but most states, do disclose, who owns a home, each and every partner or co-owner. Contact the State Tax Assessor/Commissioner or whomever it is that you pay homeowners property taxes to.. If this guys name is listed or your parents have co-signed on the homes for him, it will be crystal clear that this guy has motive.

Now, this may sound a bit far fetched but I would go to your local Police Station and ask to speak to a Fraud Detective. I'm not saying that this guy has done anything illegal. But you stated that you do not know this guy, right? I mean, he waltzed in and buffaloed your parents and you have a true concern, not to mention a bad feeling about it all, right?

If nothing else, I know how most Police Departments operate, as well as the average Detective. I pretty much know what makes them tick, as well. So, let me tell you what to do;

You want to know who this guy is and what he's up to, correct? Then, you take yourself down to the station and speak with a Detective. If they ask you as to what it is regards to, you tell them, possible fraud. Then, you tell them you need to speak to a detective and will only speak to a detective. Once you have audience with the Detective, you tell him/her, exactly what is going on. You tell them, that you are concerned for your parents welfare and feel something is not right. Make sure you state that you have a suspicion that this guy is trying to take your parents for a ride and behaving in a fraudulent manner. They may say they have nothing to go on but I'll betcha, they 'll look at this guy. If he's done anything, in the past or has past criminal behavior, you can bet your butt, they'll investigate it. Most detectives, unless their workload is super heavy, will quickly run his name, if nothing else. So in this respect, the police may be able to do what you can't. You go in there and state your real concerns for your parents and explain the whole shebang, I'm inclined to believe that they will at least see if he has a criminal past and they may advise you as to how to proceed. It is what they are there for, so do not feel you are imposing. Do not feel like you are playing dumb. Actually, you are using every means possible to get to the bottom of this whole affair, with your parents, best interest, at stake. So, what I am saying is that you have every right to feel as you do and to take whatever action you may need to take, to secure their financial welfare. If that means, speaking to the Law, then you do it. I would start with the tax office and find out what you can. What you can not obtain, the Detectives can. The investigation is warranted, I feel and I think you are right for your concern. Now, go get 'em!
Please let me know what goes down, I am intrigued, myself now!

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