Saturday, March 24, 2007

Encouraging Words

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Everyday life is not easy and living life on life's terms, is often hard. If you are stuck in addiction, seek help, don't let it kill you or your spirit. Drugs do kill, don't think it can't happen to you. Often times we feel we have no where to turn. One thing I learned through all my trials and tribulations, is that even when I felt I had no choice, I always did. I see that now. But when you feel the flames, all around you, it is often hard to see through the smoke. There are resources in every state across America, that will steer you in the right direction. You have to want it bad enough but getting clean, can be done. It may seem distant but it comes down to really wanting to change. You must be committed to changing and you have to seek it. You found addiction and getting clean will not look for you. No, you must look for it, find it and hold on. Start with your Yellow pages. Look up AA/NA meetings or Hotlines. Call you Department of Human Services or Mental Health. If you can't find anything, call your local hospital. Seek and you shall find. do have choices! Love, Aunt B


Anonymous said...

Good solid advice. Another resource people might want to try (and I know you are going to be taken aback by my suggestion) is a local parish. Many times there are councilers and support at that level who do not charge any money, and are interested in helping. Of course, it's all about the holy power, but no sense knocking your options right?


Ask Aunt B said...

Excellent advice, X, thanks!