Thursday, March 15, 2007

To Thine Own Self Be True

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I left a comment on a dear friends blog concerning the guilt she carries. She has some heavy baggage, she really does. But there are times in our lives me must think of ourselves. It's not selfish to end a relationship that you are not happy in. Her daughter is not happy with her decision to leave her father and especially because she is in a gay relationship; Double Wammy!!

Aunt B said...
"I agree with your Angel Advisor. Let go of the
that does not come from God. So, ask yourself, where
does it come from? Ask me and I'll tell you if you
don't know!"

Miranda said...
I know that doesnt come from God. But I think the
guilt comes from me having changed all their lives.
It was me that 'split up' the family, he attempted
suicide by on insulin. He's been depressed
since, not coming out of it.
Anyway thats another long story. My question is how
do I get rid of the guilt, how do I stop blaming myself
for my kid's anger? Especially Kat's who blames me
for her dad's state. I think thats where all the guilt
come from. Seeing their unhappiness, I think thats
what makes it hard for me to be happy. Knowing that
they are not happy. Any suggestions? I think if I
can get over that I can get through the guilt shit.
Guilt is a card that can be played on me so bad. It is
definately something I need to get over.
Thanks for everything, and your support.

Aunt B said...
Miranda have a seat and let's try to let go of some of that guilt. I know this weighs so heavy on your mind that it has made you sick before. It's all a matter of putting things into perspective. That goes for you and Kat. Respect her feelings BUT put it in perspective so she may understand...
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