Thursday, March 15, 2007

Aunt B's Bitch Belt

Definition of a Bitch and or Bitch Belt

*I want you to wear one of Aunt B's Bitch Belts. It is a figurative term I want you to take to heart. The kind of Bitch I'm talking about is not what some people think or understand. I'm talking about a new breed of woman/young woman, that is not passive and not aggressive.

No, she is ASSERTIVE. In today's world, we've, as women, had to adapt and wear many hats, that of woman first, then wife and mother. I am not talking about feminist issues or "I am woman, hear me roar."

But a woman who juggles all this and does it well, especially in the work place, is often called a "Bitch."

The funniest part, which is very personal to me is that when the shit gets deep and a woman fights back, whether physically or verbally, she's more often than not called a "Dirty Bitch."

You betcha red rider!!

I'm wearing that label like a designer pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or an Ann Taylor suit with a Dolce Gabbana purse.

And I hope you will as well...Get my drift? We're not putting out cause some guy thinks a date defines a sexual escapade. We're "The New Woman" and we're standing proud. We're pedigree without the pretentiousness.

The 2009 version of Bitch,

"Says what she means, means what she says and tries not to say it too mean."

  • She's a good woman who commands respect, owns her virtue and pursues happiness, not at any one elses expense.
  • She states her needs and is reasonable, level headed and even keeled. She is fair and treats others as she wants to be treated.
  • She also understands what a good man is; he's a fella that respects her as his equal, in all things.
  • Just as she understands it takes two to tango, that a marriage is an equal partnership and endeavor and love is nurtured only by the best of friends, he embraces the physical differences between you. One can not function in all things without the other.
  • This is new school and all bets are off.
  • If you want to be successful in life, you'll stand by your values, not bend or break and you sure won't give into the sexual advances for the sake of a date.

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Anonymous said...

That's by far the best thing I ever read. I suddenly feel better about being a woman, a Bitch!