Thursday, March 15, 2007

Am I Dreaming?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This was sent to Aunt B via email

Dear Aunt B,
I'm 17 years old and I still attend high school. One of my classes happens to be a welding class and it's taught by a young teacher who has yet to reach his mid thirties, but he is by no means a fresh faced, just out of college teacher.
Anyways, I've recently been having erotic dreams about him, and I don't know what to think! I wasn't even aware that I had even possessed these feelings for my teacher. And while I'm in class, I act like I've always done, and these dreams don't even enter my mind, but whenever I'm outside of them, I can't help but think about them!
The worst part is that he's happily married and he has kids. I mean, his wife is a principal at another school and their kid is like 3 or 4 eyears old and I believe they're expecting another, so it's obvious that it's an active relationship.
And then there's the fact that a year or two ago, our government teacher was caught sleeping with one of his students and was arrested. The girl was expelled and wasn't even allowed to go to nightschool.
This is not only freaking me out, but it's left me awfully confused since I'm dating someone else, even though they have been giving me the cold shoulder as of late.
Any advice?
Unknown Attraction

Aunt B said...

Dear Unknown Attraction,
Well, for all intent and purpose, I'd say you are having normal feelings and emotions all around.
First off, you can't control what goes on with your mind, in sleep, short of prayers before bed. So, don't feel guilty about that. For that matter, it could be anybody that your mind uses for sexual escape, it just happened to be this guy. I've calmed down, in my older years but there was a time, even younger than you where I had constant sexual dreams. I was a hornball, especially after I figured out how to, uh... masturbate by accident in the tub. I came home from school with one thing on my mind and I sure did take a lot of baths back then. So fresh and so clean clean, lol! Yes, I know TMI but I'm telling you this for a reason. I know how a healthy woman operates. Dreams are for the young and healthy and yours are so normal, believe me. Your mind just happened to pick this guy. I'd be willing to bet that in all due reality, he does nothing for you, does he? I mean in the sexual lusting department, you probably would not look at him twice?
An example; they say that true crime, criminals, rarely dream. They also say that they are not able to act out aggression, fantasy and so on, in their dreams and end up acting out on a conscious level. The mind works in strange ways and I don't buy into the dream dictionary mentality, that there is a reason and so on for everything you dream. I've had some real doozies, bet your bum on that! I think you just picked a familiar face out of the line-up in your brain and now you're feeling guilty about it. But it's our little secret and no harm is done. Stop feeling guilty. I'm not going to point a finger and say you are wrong, you little slut, because you are not. I especially commend you on your premise of values and beliefs. You are very mature on that level by recognizing that this guy is happily married. Many girls don't recognize this and they are the ones that reek havoc and wreck marriages. They can take a good man down, I've seen it. Many girls use their sexuality like a venus fly trap and they are very dangerous, especially in this day and age of sexual disease. But those girls don't take into account or even care if the guy is a happily married man. They have an agenda and it is often one of low self-esteem, you know, "I got what you want," and they use it in a harmful way. I'm sorry but it's a fact that a good population of men do fool around, thinking with the little head instead of the big one and these kind of girls are the ones that tempt them. This also separates the girls from the women. You my Dear, are in the latter category. It is apparent to me that you have a set of morals, that fiber and strength that makes a woman stand tall. You are going to be alright in this life, Girlfriend.
This guy who is brushing you off or giving you the cold shoulder, does he know what a diamond in the rough he has? Aaaaaaah, young love, it changes with the wind. Do not fear. You are not measured by having a guy to go to the Senior Prom, yes it's nice but not an absolute. You are 17 and you have a long life ahead of you, I see this. You have time to pick that right guy, you know, that one that makes you laugh. He's not all that handsome but he's for real and that's just what you need. See, that kinda guy will always treasure a decent looking woman. You will meet this man, when you least expect it. But try not to blow off his advances, as I know you will cause he's not drop-dead gorgeous and he's NOT what you envision as the perfect man. But he IS the one that will make you happy on a cold winter night and he is the one with undieing devotion that will hold you in the end. Watch for him, be aware and let him find you, mark my words.
Well, Ms. Unknown Attraction, I wish you all the best and would appreciate a comment and an update when things jump off in the next couple of years. It's gonna be a great life for you, put on your seat belt!!

Keeping it Real,

Aunt B

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