Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Remember...If the Path is Too Rocky...

This was sent to Aunt Babz via email...

Dear Aunt Babz,

hi, my name is melody
I don't know, if you can solve my problem, but i really need your help.
I met a guy on the internet 4 years ago, we didn't talk to each other till 2 years ago. we started talking to each other 2 years ago, he lives in another country and we are too far from each other. after that, we got closer and we talk each other on the phone twice a week. we have same culture but the problem is we have different religion. i really liked this guy and after that he asked me to be his girl friend, i don't know why i told him yes, but i know this that i love him very much. He really loves me and we planed to see each other. I'm still talking to this guy but my family don't know about my realationship with him and i know if they find out they won't let me to talk to him anymore because of his religion. I'm christian and i respect my religion alot and he is muslim. right now he got 3rd job and he is busy and we talk to each other twice a month and i really don't like this. sometimes when i'm thinking that he doesn't care about me anymore. but i don't know. i want my boyfrined to be with me and right now i want to break up with him and have serious realtionship with a guy close to me. i couldn't find a guy to be respectful. what should i do? i really love that guy but when i'm thinking that i can't see him because of my family , i don't want to stay like that, i want to move on. he is very good guy and respectful, he loves me because of me not something else and that's the thing that i love about him. what should i do? can you help me? i hope you understand my situation. by the way I'm 20 years old and i'm going to university and i work everyday. and he is 22. so please please help me!

Dear Melody,

My advice would be very simple; Go on with your life and find happiness.

Somehow, I don't think it's that simple? But I do think you should have a cut-away plan. In all actuality, you have "a love," for this fella. Far be it from me, to down play, your feelings. But I want you to ask yourself, if it's possible, you've not had many dates or relationships and you've stayed where you are because you were in some kind of love?

Rarely, do that type of long distance relationships work. It is a bit unfortunate but if I had a remote control, that would turn off your emotions for him, I would do it. Certainly, it's not that simple and me telling you to move on, is not that simple either.

I suggest that you take a long hard look at this situation and what your view or take on happiness and love is? Somehow, I don't think you'd name your relationship, as ideal.

Be honest and tell this fella that you want a time apart, if you are able. Begin to date again. If you have the same faith as your family, I suggest that you pray for God to make the match. In your faith, Let Go & Let God.

Remember...if the path is too rocky, make sure you're not going down the wrong path.

Things have been a challenge from the start. I think you should give yourself a chance to meet someone here and possibly of the same faith. The Muslim faith is quite stringent and it may be quite difficult for you to adapt and stand behind your man(husband) if you do not share the same faith.

These are things, I know you've considered. I have faith, you will find love again and you will find happiness, if you allow yourself.

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