Sunday, July 15, 2007

Party Pooper

This was sent to Aunt Babz via email...

Hi Aunt B,

My name is Talya and i really need some advice and your opinion on something that has me really confused.about a month ago i reconnected with a fella i use to go to school with about 10 years back,of course he wanted to meet up and reacquaint and all that stuff,so i invited him to my birthday party that i having in a couple months and told him that would be a good place to meet and get reacquainted and he said that was great and agreed to come.All of the sudden he has switched up and is now telling me that if he can not meet up with me before the party he refuses to come. I'm fine with him not coming to the party but it confuses me why meeting up before then is so important? and why would he switch up on me like this? I'm so confused please help me understand this guy??

Dear Tayla,

For some unknown reason, I got some weird vibes off this. My Intuition tells me, to tell you, to proceed with caution. I'm not sure why and there's no logical reason, for me to feel this.

It is quite possible, that your fella, wants to meet you, without a bunch of people around. Realistically, he would not have your complete attention, if he were to meet you, at your Birthday party. I can also imagine, that if he does not know all these people at this party, it may be a bit uncomfortable.

I can understand his desire to meet you without all the fanfare and hoopla, of a party. I think I'd feel the same way, if meeting you again, for the first time and not really being able to spend time with you. I wouldn't do it either.

I think it's very simple and after he'd committed to coming, he thought about it. I imagine he realized it's not going to be an ideal re-connecting event, if you're surrounded by all these people, who also command your attention.

Yes, I think it's just his desire to have this first time, back around, a special meeting, understandably so. He desires a personal audience with you and no one else.

I will say it again; Proceed with caution. I have this feeling...

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