Friday, August 10, 2007

L.I.R.R.-Woman On the Tracks

Dear Readers,

This is not my usual posting but suffice it to say, we must all look for miracles, huh? So much could have gone wrong. It didn't and more often than not, we should see everyday miracles for exactly what they are. If you look for good, you will find it. If you look for fault, you find it, as well. If we spend more time, looking at things, less as luck and more as divine intervention, well, it can renew the spirit...

Long Island, N.Y.-

A woman, drove through the barrier fence, onto the Long Island Railroad tracks this morning. As I walked out of the Pharmacy, adjacent to the Kings Park Station, I caught, a vision, the fence going down, as she had just driven through.

How she managed to get through there, so easily, is quite beyond me. A simple chain link fence with a type of plastic threaded through, the car fit right on through, jumping the curb,in the parking lot of the plaza, going under the fence. She became stuck, nose first, on the tracks. Another woman and I came running,frantically. I held the fence as she climbed through. I had 15 minutes, until my Nephew was to get off the bus at my home, thus, I didn't crawl through but got the reports and assessment, on the other side. I could see the woman, an older lady but not much older than myself, walking up the tracks. I began to yell, for her to get off the tracks. She wasn't listening to me at first and the other woman and I both yelled, forcefully, "Get the hell off the tracks, NOW!"

We called the Police and had them call MTA, to get someone down there, pronto, before this womans car was annihilated and someone was hurt. The vehicle, a late model, maroon car, was on the tracks enough, if the train were to come, it would have hit it and God only knows what else.

I checked on the woman and she claimed to be fine, however, I do think she was in shock. My assessment would be that she had no physical injuries. She was shaking but actually seemed calm, under the circumstance.
I went back to my employers and had them call the Police, as well, just to make sure, they knew the urgency and that this was for real.

This is surely, something to be grateful for. No one was hurt, no one was killed. I do imagine there were, as always, a few people, rather perturbed, by having to wait on their train. Oh well, huh?

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