Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Dear Aunt B,
I am looking for my friend that moved to Los Angeles. She is 16 years old. I have no idea what her parents names are. I really like this girl and really want to see her. Do you know how i would find her?

Dear Friend,

I'm afraid that all I can do, is provide you with a few links. Short of hiring a Private Investigator, you'd have to do the leg work yourself. The links, I've provided below, especially Zabasearch, is good. Los Angeles data base is huge. Another way of finding people is through MySpace. Most teens have a page. You need to put her name in the search and go through them. Most will post a pic and you may recognize her. This is a tool I have used in my work. There are also pay per sites, but 9 times out of 10, unless they're registered for work and so on, it is hard to find them. Facebook, may be another suggestion but you may have to register to access their search engine. It only takes a minute. You never know, she may find you, if you get a page too. You can comb through these and see. I wish you the best.

PS, My friend, Dee @ Blogozine, informs me that there's a search engine called Spock. Check it out.


MySpace Search


Yahoo People Finder


PeopleFinder (Pay Site)

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Dee said...

Hi Babz,
I think the best places to find this person now is either Myspace, Facebook or such sites. Spock can be helpful but it's still in beta phase and chances are you'll find the missing person in a more public site.