Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still Stickin' To Your Guns!

This is an Updated and New question To Xmichra from the past post Stick To Your Guns

Hi Xmichra,

I never heard back from you...was hoping you would have some more insight and advice for me. Last time you were so right on the mark with your feedback. I went back and read your post every time I thought that I might weaken and not take action on leaving the relationship I was in. You were a lifesaver, I know that now. Since the time that I sent you my email on August 10th my ex was arrested for Grand Theft and the D.A. is charging her with the crime. It won't heal the hurt she left behind but it will hold her accountable for her actions. She kept attempting to contact me after the restraining order was in place, but after I reported it several times and the police contacted her, it has been quiet for a while now. At times I struggle with not letting what happened eat me up, it's hard to get over betrayal and lies, especially when I spent so many years in a relationship with her. I am grateful to be out of the relationship and to have my life back again, but none-the-less the process of healing is painful and slow. I know from your website that you're not feeling well right now, but when you feel better I would love it if you had some follow up advice/insight you could share with me. If you're really not up to it, I understand, then perhaps someone else at "Ask Aunt Babs" might want to help me out and share some insight with me.

Thanks so much,
"I Stuck to my Guns"

Dear “I stuck to my guns”

First, let me say how pleased I am that you are finally out of that relationship. I know that it has been really hard on you this past year, but from the tone of your most recent e-mail I really do feel as though you are on a better, healthier path (for reference you can read the first post here: http://goauntb.blogspot.com/2007/08/stick-to-your-guns.html ).

I was heartbroken reading the section about your stolen jewelry. I know how hard that must have been for you (having pieces from your mother be stolen like that) and you were right. You were in a state of grieving, and that made the loss that much harder to deal with. People sometimes forget that inanimate objects do hold memories, and when you thought that they were temporarily missing (from your ex taking them) you didn’t think that they would be gone forever. So seeing the pawn slips, in effect is much like seeing a death certificate. It is grounding and hard to take in. I am happy that you were able to recover one of those pieces though, sounds like the pawnbroker was a good man.

Second, I also would like to pat you on the back for involving the law. There are plenty of people who wouldn’t have, and I strongly believe that if you hadn’t things would be far worse for you. That constant feeling of being watched is not pleasant, and it is something that will not go away if you do not put consequences in the way. So I am very happy that you did what you have (in terms of restraining orders and pressing charges). Another piece of this is that if the charges to indeed stick, the police may be forced to look for your stolen property and issue warrants for receivership to the pawn shops your ex used to get those items back. Hopefully that is the way they will go with that issue.

You are going to go through a rough transition period (you know this already) because of the grieving and also because of the strain this relationship put on you. No matter if you have solved the problem; your head will like to play games with you. What I mean by this, is that you will find it hard to trust, hard to rely on people and hard to deal with what happened to you because this was a very bad thing to have happened. So with this, I am especially glad that you have sought out therapy, because these are issues that do not go away over time if they are left. These types of issues do fester and become worse if left to their own devices. Again, I am very glad you are seeking help on a professional level.

The process of healing is slow and can sometimes be painful. But please remember that you have endured the worst part – living the actual life of it. You have made your way through the thick of the mud, and you are clean from that now. You have a lot of life left to enjoy the things that you love, and the ability to love again. Hold on to those things, they are not small. In fact, it is pretty much the secret to life (if I may get all pearl of wisdom here!), being able to live and enjoy its pleasures. Trust me on this one, every single guru in this world will tell you the same (not that I am a guru of course, but you catch my meaning).

If I may add a little more advice here, and this is cautionary but not meant to be fearful. But if your ex isn’t in prison, you may want to invest in a security devise for your home and vehicle if you haven’t done so already. This is more for security sake, even though you are in a secure building. She has already proven her skill at getting around those things, and you just never know the extent of someone in her frame of mind. So if you haven’t already done this, I would advise it.

Another piece of advice I would give, is don’t be too hard on yourself. I know first hand how hard it can be after being in a relationship of lies and deception, to not blame yourself for not seeing the problem. But the truth of the matter is that some people are manipulators and no matter if you are the most genius person on the face of the planet, a good manipulator can manipulate you. Do not fault yourself for wanting to love someone. Do not fault yourself for wanting to trust someone. These are emotions that are good and meant to be shared. And you will find someone able to reciprocate them in a positive manor.

I hope that you are indeed doing and feeling better. And once again, I congratulate the courage it took to re-claim your life.

Brightest Blessings


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