Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fight Potion #7

Dear Aunt B,

There is this girl, Samantha, 2 grades below me and she seriously hates me. Okay so this is how it all started: I was going out with this guy named connor, and she liked him at the same time. I wasn't obsessed with connor, but idk i guess i liked him. So she was determined to break us up. So she created this ridiculous and embarassing text message about me and showed it to him when she was hanging out with him and a bunch of people at the movies. Apparently he didn't believe it because thats what he told me. Samantha is friends with my friends so i dont know what to so, like should i do something back? Should i ignore her? And apparently she wants to "fight" me. I dont fight because i dont think it solves anything i dont feel like being at war with this 12 year old. She has connections to some pretty scary people and i dont want to get involved with her. And her friend Chynna is going out with my best friend Nick. She also hates me, because she thinks i like Nick, which i dont. So there are two girls, again both younger than me that hate me and idk what they are going to do next, what should i do?

Hey There,

Oh no, she shouldn't hate you! Hate's not cool! Well, first thing, yeah, don't fight her. Kids these days, and you said she's got some scary connections, if you fight her, she's going to bring her little clique with her and they'll most likely jump in against you. And plus, she's two grade's younger than you, that's not going to look good for you no matter what. And plus, like you said, fighting doesn't really solve anything. Well, you said she's 12, and two grades younger than you. So I'm guessing she's in about 7th grade, and you're in 9th?

IF you two go to the same school right now, and I don't know that you do, but if you do, you two will likely be at different schools soon. But that's in the long run, for now, there's still quite a ways left in school. And, people forget things. And if/when it gets proven that she made up those text messages, and you say it doesn't bother you, then she comes out to be the mean person in this. Of course she'll deny it, but for one thing the pressure will be on her when people start asking her about it, and she'll get caught up in one of her lies eventually. You see what I'm saying? And meanwhile, while she's trying to explain to people why she lied, you won't have any explaining to do about anything, because you never did anything wrong in the first place (ie starting rumors about her, fighting, etc;).

That's another thing, don't start rumors about her either. That doesn't turn out well ever. And for the rumors that she started, I already said how people will forget about them. But also, as long as your good friends know the truth about you, it's not as bad if the people that believe these rumors are people you don't even know.

You're not going out with Connor anymore right? Well, you can't do anything about it, but she should really apologize, but it's not like you can force her to. And plus, if you don't even go out with him anymore, I don't get why she would want to fight you still. I know that it's frusterating that she created the rumor about you with her text message, but really there's nothing much you can do about it. You said Samantha hates you, and that's a life lesson kind of, because no matter what, not everybody's going to like you, even if it's just for the sake of not liking you.

There's really nothing you can do about her creating that text, because she already created it. If/when somebody asks you about it, you tell the truth, and that's that she made it up. It will pass over time though, I promise :). And for your friend Nick and his girl Chynna; Unfortunatly she'll bad mouth you to Nick, that's inevitable.

But a couple different things this could work out good for you. One is that since you and Nick are best friends, she'll bad mouth you enough to him that he'll get sick of her talking bad about his best friend (you) and dump her, especially if you don't constantly talk bad about her. And two is, well, he's your best friend, so he shouldn't ever turn on you and leave with her. As long as you and Nick know there's nothing between you two, then you should be ok. And maybe just try to be cool with Chynna, talk to her, maybe you'll get along.

Ok, the last thing you wrote was that you're concerned about what they might do next. That's tough because people are unpredictable. There is no reason for them to do anything. Especially Samantha, because you're not with Conner anymore (right?). If you are afraid of what they'll do, there's no shame in going to your parents, and telling them that you're a little frightened, the only problem there is if kids find out, then they'll possibly give you a hard time. Which is unfortunate, but kids can be cruel.

I would suggest not trying to fight them or anything, don't do anything that would give them a reason to want to do something to you. They're a couple years younger than you so I'm thinking if you just try to ignore them, they might forget about you. Of course, not Chynna, since she thinks you like Nick. You are still entitled to hang out with him, because you are friends, but just try to avoid Chynna and Samantha, don't look scared, but just avoid them. My only fear is you said they hang out with some dangerous people, and kids these days hang out with big groups and think they're tough, so they gang up on people, and I don't want them to gang up on you. My best advice is just to avoid them the best you can, and as long as your best friends know the truth, I wouldn't worry about what a bunch of other people think.

Well, I'm sorry I couldn't give you any better advice on the last part, and I'm really sorry that Samantha made up rumors about you, I really hope it all works out for you! I hope I was able to help you out, at least a little, and I wish you the best of luck! Peace.


Dear Friend,

I agree with mb3 on many levels. He has given you some great advice, the very best is to avoid them as much as possible, as well, as taking the stance that you as well as your BF's know the truth and that's all that really matters.

Nothing gets around better than word of mouth. This is true in big business advertising as well as personal matters. You start spreading the news that you are, "too mature to be reduced to fighting some girl." See, by stating this, someone who still dwells on fighting will have to think to themselves, "Hey, am I acting maturely about this?"

I was a fighter in school. I never started them, only finished the fight. So, I know all about all the bull that goes along with some chick who goes around trying to solve her issues with fear. You just have to get the word out that "you have better things to do with your time than to fight some chick who is obviously bored with her life and must create chaos to jazz it up."

Those exact words, must be used. They are my very own Fight Potion #7 and I can just about guarantee they'll work as well as Love Potion #9

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

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