Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing With Fire

Adult Content Warning

Dear Aunt Babz,

So i'm 22 years old and I moved in with my aunt and her boyfriend whom i've known for a long time and consider my uncle pretty much. He also has a 13 year old daughter who at first I thought of as a little sister, but as time went by it became more. I started to become attracted to her. I actually think I'm falling for her kind of. She's mature for her age physically and mentally but still only 13!! I mean it's not like twisted or perverted or anything. It's not just physical attraction and I would never try and take advantage but I think she knows I feel this way and SHE takes advantage of it. Always getting real close and stuff like that. I really don't know what I should do. I actually almost get a little jealous of her little boyfriends. I can't go anywhere else to live right now because I don't have the means but this situation is really stressing me out and making me feel guilty and weak and a whole bunch of other stuff. So any advice you could give me would be awesome. I can't talk to anyone I know about it because it's just way too embarrassing.

Dear Friend,

I can see your dilemma perfectly. I can also understand it and your situation. I grew up in the 70's and quite frankly I was what they commonly call a "dick tease." Even at the age of 12, when I lost my virginity, I knew how to use my sexuality. I knew how to swing my hips and bat my eyes to get attention.

Yes, girls her age know how to work it. The problem as I'm sure you are aware is the fact that at that age, they don't realize they're doing something terribly wrong. Life altering wrong. Your life altering wrong.

I'm sure you are also aware of the laws concerning her age. It's a terrible thing to have to be classified as a sexual offender for the rest of your life because some pretty young thing was throwing herself at you and your Johnson has no conscience.

Yes, for the rest of your natural born life, you'd have to register where ever you lived and for the millionth and one time, tell people/employers/friends/girlfriends that you did not rape some girl, you just couldn't control your desires when she threw it in your face. It's no joke and she should scare the living crap out of you.

See, at her age, she thinks she's a woman. She probably has the body of a woman and in your own words,

"She's mature for her age physically and mentally but still only 13!!"

This all leads me to believe you've tried to rationalize it all or possibly put it into perspective. You've also considered justifying this whole thing, a premise you'd better be real careful about.

You'd have a long time to wait till she's of age. Now, ask yourself; are you willing to wait? If you don't wait and you follow through with your desires, it could really blow up in your face. The fact still remains though, that although she feels like a woman, looks like a woman and acts like a woman, a woman she is not. Remember this.

I don't think a lot of guys realize it but a girl as young as she is, may think they are mature enough to make a decision such as giving themselves to a man in a sexual situation. But they are not mature enough. They may give themselves freely, in what appears to be a consensual sexual stance.
But they are not mature enough.

Most of all, when you are standing in front of the Judge and you exclaim, "Well Your Honor, it was her idea, she consented, in fact, she pursued me," he's still gonna throw the book at you. He's going to look you in the face, right before he sentences you and he states that you were the adult, you were the one who should've known better and you were the one who should've said "NO."

Now, don't think I am condemning you or looking down my nose as I completely understand what's going on here. I do have three sons and just as I'm telling you, I would say the same things to them. I would also kick them in the ass if they followed through with this exact scenario. OK son, let me tell ya a little story of what's gonna happen, if you let this pretty young thing get the best of you. Listen and listen closely, my Dear because what I tell you is gonna happen, if you do not tippy toe around her;

So, you think you've got some hardcore feelings for her. Ain't that sweet? She is cute as hell and built like a woman, a real looker. She's real sweet on you too, ain't that special? Oh, so you say it's not just about the sex, you think she's all that, mature for her age and all. But let me let ya in on a little secret; When she gets you behind closed doors, when the timing is exactly right and she puts the moves on you, yea, she's gonna do the whole seduction scene guaranteed, well son, you'll be the one who's screwed.

If we start at the top, in the first act of this Play we'll call, "Playing With Fire,"we'll simply hope that she doesn't get pregnant. Then, you'll not be able to deny that you slept with her. Nope, there's no getting outa this one, Sweetie. You'll not only be forced into parenthood, long before you're ready(and when would you ever be ready?)but now they're gonna garnish your wages no matter where you try to hide.The money you make will hardly be enough for you to live on much less take care of your new child.

The second act is one where she gets vindictive or she matures enough and flips the script. She sees that you were the adult and you should've known better. She sees it that you took advantage of her. She was just a girl. Now, she's decided to go to the authorities and tell them all about your little love affair. Yep, she'll teach you a lesson and you'll never do that again to any other young thing. And guess what; all these years later, she has the right to report it and you damn skippy, yes, you can and will be charged with a sexual offense.

The third act is my own prediction. My Intuitions tell me that you'll fall head over heels for this girl. You'll do your damnedest to wait but it's a beautiful thing when she offers herself to you. She'll fall in love with you but she's real fickle, temperamental, moody and you'll grow tired of the immature games. You'll want to break up, move on, date a woman. When you break up with her, she's make it clear that she'll tell that you had sex, a good ol case of Statutory Rape and she's gonna use it against you.

You are playing with fire! And you will get burned Darlin'!

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz


Ok, first of all, you're 22 and she's 13. She's still got a lot of growing to do, even if she is mature for her age. That's just too much of a difference at both of your respective ages. There's plenty of girls your age that you should go for instead. As far as you becoming attracted to her, just be careful, you know? You think of her as kind of your little sister, you wouldn't want to be like that with your sister right? And think about it, if your aunt and her boyfriend were to get married someday, his daughter would be your cousin! You have to be real with her, and if she really is taking advantage, you got to tell her straight up that you can't be together, and you two are basically family. For real, there are plenty of girls out there your age, go for a girl closer to your age. Plus man, I'm not 100% certain, but I believe it's illegal for an over 18 year old to be with someone younger than 18. And by the time she hits 18, you'll be 27, just imagine your differences there. Just curious, but do you have any other aunt's or uncle's you can live with? And hey, if you were to get with a girl closer to your age, then maybe you could live with her, and it won't be as uncomfortable living with your aunt's boyfriend's daughter, because I can definitly understand where that would be an uncomfortable situation for you.
So yeah man, I can't tell you what to do, but I will say that in my opinion, you should definitely stay clear of trying to be in a relationship with her, and find a girl your age, because I definitely think that will get your mind off of her as well, and tell her that it makes you uncomfortable when she cuddles up to you. I really just can't see where it would be healthy for you two to be together. I mean, she's only 13 and thus really kind of doesn't exactly know what she wants right now either, I'm pretty sure.

So man, I hope I was a little help for you, and I do hope everything works out for you!


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Anonymous said...

I'm the one who wrote that letter. And yeah I see what you're saying about finding a girl to move in with. But thats not the problem at all. I go out and hook up with girls all the time. I'm not bragging or anything but my problems definitely do not lie in that area. Thats part of the reason why it freaks me out so much as to why this young girl should even be a blip on my radar. I've been with plenty of older mature women who actually know what they're are doing so I can't understand why she should even register. I'm workin on it though. Nothings going to happen.