Friday, August 22, 2008

Nice and Easy

Dear Aunt B,

I am in sixth grade.I like a guy in my class but he really likes to tempt and tease me.and no,i don't even know why i like him!i just do and i can't make myself stop liking him! School starts in half a month and i don't know what i should do when i see him again after summer break.should i tell him that i like him? should i ignore him? HELP ME!



Hello Sarah,

Well there's a good chance he's acting like that because he likes you to. I'm guessing he's in 6th grade as well right? Yeah, from what you said, I think he probably likes you too. I mean, when you say he teases and tempts you, I don't know exactly what he does, but I'm guessing he likes you too. I don't know that you should tell him you like him. Don't ignore him though, since you do like him. Just talk to him a bit, get to know him, maybe it will turn out that he likes you too.
I hope I have been some help, and I really hope it works well for you, and he likes you as well! If I did not give enough help, feel free to write back, and we can give it another try.


Dear Sarah,

Most guys, even at that age, tempt and tease only when they like you. He wouldn't bother, I don't think if he didn't have feelings for you. But guys in 6th grade, believe it or not
are just starting to really like girls. They usually just come out of the, "Girls are yucky," stage and begin to notice the opposite sex. I agree with mb3.

Talk to him, take it nice and easy and things will hopefully jump. When you see him in the hall, maybe wink at him. That's a little flirtatious but not too over bearing. Then, he'll know that you do like him and he'll probably get the cue that it's ok to talk to you.
Have a great new school year. These are the years that make memories...enjoy!

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

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