Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friends First & Foremost

Dear Aunt Babz,

Hello! I have a problem and I've went to several people but all of them say the same thing, and I wanted to see if you think something different. I am a Junior in High School so I get to go to prom this year But I have a little problem. I still haven't found a date and prom is only a couple months away. I figured I would ask a friend because most of the time I hear it's way more fun to go with a friend instead of a boyfriend. So I decided I wanted to go with 1 of 4 guys. Dustin, Tubz, Sausage, or Q-Tip. It's kinda funny that all of them have nicknames except Anyway I'm gonna describe each of the guys and I really need help on figuring out which one to ask.

Dustin- He's really sweet and funny. He is probably the cutest of the bunch. I dont really base who I want to go with on looks. Back during last summer he actually helped me through a little trouble I was having with another guy. We used to talk all the time. But then the semester changed and I never see him unless I go shopping and he is working. I'd say it's been about a month since the last time I saw him.

Tubz- Mostly all my friends are saying me and him would make a very cute couple. They mostly say either him or Dustin. He's also sweet and tries to be funny. I talk to him on the internet nearly every night. We have some of the strangest He will pick on me and I'll pick on him right back. One of my friends said that it looked a lot like flirting. But the both of us have said before that we get on each other's nerves too bad to date.

Sausage- He is on our football team. He is a sweet and caring person. He is outgoing most of the time. He will talk to anyone at school. If you didn't already know he played football by the way he acts, you probably would never have guessed.

Q-Tip- He can be sweet if he tries. He plays basketball and football. He goes to church with me and we email each other a lot. He goes to a different school, and the school he goes to is our football teams biggest rival. If I was to ask him his sister would end up thinking that something is up that truly isn't.
Those are the 4 guys I have to choose from and ask to the prom. I honestly have no idea who I would have the most fun going to prom with. Please help me.

Dear Reader, Even under the guise of going with a friend, the best, all time lasting relationships start out as friends first. After all, if you are not friends first and you base your relationship upon the premise that the guy is a hotty and you get nothing else, you will find yourself in an empty situation. Even if it's simply for the night of the Prom, you'll want to go with the guy who is fun to be with, makes you giggle and probably knows you best. He knows you best because, although he's not hit on you directly, he has spent a good portion of his time, getting to know you.

You need a guy who makes you laugh, one you can talk to, the kind that you two, never run out of stuff to say and talk about. Yes, it has to be a guy who enjoys your company, the heck with looks. Remember this, as they are words to base your future, a guide when considering a serious relationship.

Sure, money is wonderful, when considering a serious prospect for marriage but you can never base your relationship on this either. Many a gold digger married for money and found empty promises. Now, I know I am jumping way, way forward but while I have your attention, I might as well make you think, huh?

You have always struck me as a good girl, a young lady with strong Spiritual values. You should as well, base your choices on a fella that shares your spiritual beliefs, too. It is only one night, going to Prom, right? But going to Prom is a memory builder. When you are my age, you'll want to look back fondly, on that night. The memories will be retained, if you have a good time, stay safe, (No driving with anybody that's been drinking. You must have a zero tolerance for this ideology), dance, laugh, capping the night off with a big smile. I doubt it'll be remembered if you went with a good looking guy with nothing else to offer. I mean, what girl doesn't love an Eye Candy kinda guy on her arm? But the memories will be just that, that you went with a good looking guy.

Base your decision on the most well rounded, most enjoyable fella and you'll retain those memories, closest to your heart.

My first thought is or would be to pick Tubz, as he seems to enjoy your company or at least in chats and so on, the most. But if you could find a guy, maybe later on, that is a combination of Tubz and Q-Tip, well, you've got the making for a sound recipe for a future husband. But for now, I think I agree with Xmichra and vote for Tubz.

I would certainly enjoy hearing what your final choice is. I'd also love to hear how things go. I would Pray-n-Pick!

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

Dear Reader,

I would ask Tubs. I mean, lets face it you have already made the choice that this is going to be a friend thing and not a boyfriend thing. And he seems like the best candidate given the descriptions. OH, and good on you for asking!!! Hope you have a great night! ~Xmichra~

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