Sunday, January 4, 2009

Playing With Fire

by SidellSez

Dear Aunt Babz,

So there is this girl. This girl I care for a lot, and like her a lot. She like me too. Simple right? Not. My close friend likes her too. And guess what, she's also admitted to liking him. We've both hooked up with her. We both know this, but its almost taboo to talk about with each other. I mean we have before, but never came to any conclusion. She eventually told us she didn't want to pick, but be friends with both of us. We'll that didn't last long, and we are both pursuing her again. What should I do. And please don't say that I shouldn't anymore, cause she is playing us. I've realized that one. Im just confused and need an alternative!


Lost and Confused
Dear Lost and Confused,

I am not sure what to say, since you already know the problem and the solution but choose not to take it. So. Best I can do is offering you a bit of advice about your current actions.

You know that you are playing with fire, and someone is going to get burned. But the fire is fun and exciting, which makes it hard to stop. I get that... been there. But you need to sit down with your friend and talk even if it is taboo. You may think that these things won’t come between you two (because you figured it out before) but they will.

This girl is trouble for you two, and you need to sort out what is going to happen between the two of you and set some friendship ground rules, that’s for sure.

You know that no good can come of this, pursuing this girl from the both of you, so now you just need to do damage control since neither of you are willing to give it up and neither is she.

Wish I had better advice for you, but your gut instinct is right on this one.. you just need to have the courage to listen to it.

Good luck,


Dear Lost and Confused,
Thank you for contacting Sidell Sez,
You are writing to me about a girl that both you and your friend like a lot. You wonder what you can do to find out about who she most cares for, you or your friend. My advice to you is that you need to take your time and as time passes, what she feels for you will be revealed. When you know how much she cares for either you or your friend, you will be in a better position to make a decision in regards to what you can do! So, for now, I advise you to take it easy and enjoy being friends.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for contacting,


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