Thursday, January 15, 2009

Only For A Season

Dear Aunt Babz,

I am a 27 year old female, recently divorced. Now that I am single I realize the importance of getting my college degree so that I can provide for myself. I am excited about finishing school and want to badly.

I work a full time job and I also coach a high school athletic team. I love, love, love my coaching job but it does not pay the bills without an additional full time job. It is also extremely time consuming and makes it impossible to add college studies to the mix.

I have tried online classes but have a hard time focusing. I prefer to be in the classroom. I have considered coaching for two or three more years and pushing school back but I am afraid that I will lose momentum.

How can I give up my coaching job that I adore in order to pursue my desire to get a college degree and be back in the classroom?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hello there,

This is a tough decision for you to make, because your coaching career is just as valuable to you as your getting a college education. You mentioned that online classes are not appealing to you because you are not in a classroom setting. Have you thought of taking an online class that has live feedback? Many classes now have group interactive lessons. If this still does not appeal to you, I would advise you to weigh and balance which choice would be most important to you. Do this, toss a coin and give tales a college degree, and heads, the coaching job. When you toss the coin, think about where you are hoping it will land, on heads or tails. What you hope will happen is the key to which you most desire.

I hope this helps! wishes from Sidell Seyz

Dear Friend,

Well, there are a few things to consider. You love coaching, you hate online classes. But you want that degree and that is soooooo important now days.

Yes, in this age, you must, chomp on that line of competition you've got to have that Ace up your sleeve, which is a degree. Something to think about in the lines of job security.

The other thing you can try to see and envision is that if you can go to classes try to do so. It's only for a season. <---These are words my own Mother spoke to me when my heart was in such discontent about where I was in my life and in my line of work.What she meant is that things will not last forever. One thing that is perfectly certain in life is Change. Most importantly, these classes, even if they are online because that's your only option are only for a season. Life is always what you make, as well as love. If you must take online classes, you start with the mindset with discipline, something you lack in a few areas. Now, don't take offense at that line, it is a simple observation, one you should take note of and work on, it's that simple. I'll tell you that I am the Queen O'Procrastination. I can admit my faults and I work on them. You do not want the hardship in this life, or actually what perceive as hardship; going back for that degree. That is understandable, I mean who wants to have to go through the rigors of study, constant study? I have a life "full of wishes I had done." I mean don't let this time in your life, just pass by with such a large item looming over your head. One day, you too will be 50 like me and have so many "wishes I had done's."<--[new word by Aunt B] My advice to you is to look at the possibility of you going back to college whatever that takes. My wish is that you will see and feel fulfilled with that degree under your belt. Yes, this might take some real wherewithal but yes, I believe in you. Now, my friend, you must begin to believe and...what I see is, what I feel are scared of failure and it's easier to stay put. Don't take the easy way out this time. Remember my Mama's Words "It's Only For A Season."

Dammit, I believe in you and now you must begin to believe in you and do what ever it takes. Push!

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

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