Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tame the Blame and Shame Game

I am personally going through a few things myself and was researching "Guilt." I found a couple of links I wanted to share.

From Erupting Minds Self Improvement

Should I Feel Guilty? Or Shouldn't I?


Jewish Guilt by Rabbi Dovid Hoshberg


grand *ma said...


We all mess up due to whatever internal or external influences. At times, it's overwhelming. It's a human thing and not one of us are exempt from it. We are all fallible [gasp!] including me.

You know the steps. Take them and then be done with it in your sincere amends.

Love ya, Toots!

Aunt Babz said...

Grand*Ma, you made me smile, just being here. You've been a good and supportive friend. One day, you and me, we's gonna meet on the street and raize a lil hell. How 'bout that G-Friend, eh?

Good Advice btw!

Big Big Hugz

Christopher said...

Hello Aunt doing are you doing?