Friday, October 24, 2008

Bull and Baggage

Dear Aunt B,

My boyfriend got put in jail 7 months ago about 2 months ago i meet a really nice man me and him hit it off right away but he was dating this girl for a 13 months but after talking to me he started to like me a lot and broke it off with this chick.Me and him jumped into way too fast and he started to think about his ex so me and him broke up and month has passed and he still dint know who he wanted to be with finnaly him and the chick got back together but he tells me how much they fight and that he tierd of all her shit and he likes me so much and how wonderful i am i just dont know what to do i try to move on but he doesnt want me to date anyone he gets upset when i go out and chill with my guys friends and the hardest part is i am the one that always makes him smile when he is upset so it hurts to be the one upseting him its crazy how me and this guy are alike and the sad part is he knows it to I Just really dont know what to do
thanks for your time


Dear K***

Okay. This is going to be short, but really you don’t need a big long elaboration on something so simple.

Seems to me that this new guy you were seeing isn’t worth your time. He obviously wants you and his girlfriend, and he obviously cannot commit fully to one woman. So why are you hanging around??

You deserve a lot better, and you will find a lot better, but only if you give it up with this guy. He is bad news.

Completely break the ties with this guy and move on. You will thank us for it later.


Dear *Kayli Nicole*,

You've heard the expression, "Having your cake and eating it too," right? This guy wants it all. He will continue to have it all as long as you allow it. Things will not change either until you do one of two things; Put your foot down and tell this guy you don't play relationship games or better yet; you move on and find a guy that you don't need to fix, without all the bull and baggage.

More importantly, I'd like you to think about a few things; Him & Her. I want you to do a "View Over." This is a my metaphorical name, one which I use where you try to place yourself in a different place and time, you hover over the scene/situation. You will then see that situation in a different light. It is my metaphorical expression but I want you to, literally, in your mind, go to him and her. This may be a bit uncomfortable...

Ask yourself and peer into that room, where he is with her...does he say the same things to her? Does she know about you? If she does know about you, is he telling her that same line he feeds you? And most of all, if he'd fool around on her with you and with you on her, what's to stop him from playing the same game, maybe down the road but with some new girl?

G-Friend, this is a whole set-up and you need to get as far away from him as possible. Pull off that Band-Aid, feel the sting, open your eyes, wide open, get angry, calm down and move on. There's a guy just waiting to meet you, right now. He's wishing he could meet a girl who'd be loyal and true blue. He's so sad without you and he has so much to give. No, he's not rich but he works hard and will work even harder at making you smile. Open Your Eyes!!!

Let me know when you meet him...

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

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