Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gift Within the Gift

Dear Aunt Babz,

In short, I am unsure how to get over myself and put my son first.
In order to get over an ex of one year i started smoking MJ and sleeping with a former high school mate. The condom broke after the second or third time and i ended up pregnant. The major problem is I still love my ex and i am having difficulty with the question, 'Why God? why not my ex whom i loved and wanted to have a child with some day? why this person whom i dont deeply care for, who should have just been a blip in my life but now is much more?' i've been diagnosed with quite a bit but major depression is the main thing (to keep it short). i cry almost every day. i don't want to be a mom...I'm too crazy and impatient and angry. i hate myself for doing this to an innocent person. It makes me almost suicidal...but my beliefs wont allow me to hurt myself anymore or my child.

Dear Mom-to-Be,

The good thing about morals and beliefs is that sometimes, even in the oddest of places, you find something that you didn’t even know you were missing. And in this case it will be your child.

The situation isn’t “ideal” but then again what is nowadays?? You have yourself and this baby to look forward too. And in time, just in time, I am sure you will.

I do know that this is a different circumstance, but when I was pregnant I didn’t feel mom-like at all. I was scared and neurotic and selfish and impatient. I didn’t know what the heck a diaper genie was, what freaking universe would let me be impregnated??? These thoughts would creep into my head and make me completely crazy. And the more people told me “it’s okay hun, it’ normal” the less I believed them. I had no idea how to look after a kid… hell I didn’t even look after myself that well! So freaked out.

And even though when my daughter was born I felt like nothing else in this world was as important as her… I was still freaking out because OH MY GOSH.. I don’t know how to hold her or feed her or what she wants! HeHe…. Seriously, I think (okay I hope) every new mom goes through this, so in that you are not alone.

As for your ex and wishing he were the father…. Well there isn’t anything that you can do about that…. But you can change the way you look at this. Instead of looking at this as a “blip” that wasn’t suppose to happen with this guy… look at it as an unexpected surprise that you will cherish. And if you and your ex can somehow manage to work through this, that is great as well. But it you two can’t, then it just wasn’t meant to be.

Bottom line is this: You have the opportunity to start a new life and bring into this world a cherished being, or a burden. But that is only for you to decide. And with the beliefs and morals you have, I am sure it will be the sooner rather then the later.

If you need help finding resources for prenatal or for some other help, please don’t’ hesitate to write back and let us know where you are and how we can help. This will be a great blessing in your life, if you let it.

Take care. Brightest Blessings.


Dear Friend,

I'm sure glad that you have some strong values and beliefs instilled. Yes, it's a real good thing because thus far, I have nothing but good feelings about this, especially pregnancy. As well, I'm glad you are being honest with your emotions and seeking counsel, advice, perspective and so on.

First and foremost, I'd like to remind you that you are not the first or last person to go through a pregnancy with apprehension. That is not to say that you don't have a right to your feelings. In fact, if you weren't even little bit scared, I'd think there was a false sense of self. It scared the crap out of me too. I also didn't want to have children, ever. My first pregnancy at the age of 16 was surely not planned and it sure as hell was not wanted. I readily admit this and those feelings. In other words, I am not throwing stones.

The Cynical Young/Old Biddy

In all honesty, I really didn't care too much for children. I've always been a bit cynical. They got on my nerves, especially the undisciplined, spoiled ones or the ones that ruined a simple conversation you might be trying to have in a restaurant with their acting out. No, I was not much into screaming, crying bratty kids who's parents allowed them to run around and act up, thinking they are darlings and can do no wrong. I'm sure I sound like a crabby ass and I may very well be but I have no patience with children who misbehave.

I think I've always been this way, you know, a bit cynical and maybe even a tad bit insensitive when it comes to inappropriate behavior. Even my own Grandkids can get on my last nerve. My oldest grandson will sit next to his Mom and say, over and over, "Mom, Mom, Mom" to get her attention. She tunes him out, almost ignoring him as he jabbers on. But I get pissed at them both. I will get upset with him for saying "Mom" over and over and she upsets me because she ignores him, tunes him out. I can't tune it out, so it makes me crazy. My granddaughter will whine about everything and listens about as well as the family cat. I quickly lose my patience and wish I could tune it all out myself.

I do so apologize for the mini rant. I suppose I am pointing out that I do understand your apprehension in this situation. But as I stated before, I became pregnant at 16 and was not a happy camper about it. As well, I was not "in love" with the father of my children, at that time. Yes, things looked pretty dismal and I almost had the feeling like my life was really screwed up and it was this pregnancy that was screwing it all up. Resentments were there, I must admit. I'd be a liar if I didn't say that I was not looking forward to having this baby. I too asked the question, as you have; "Why God? Why me and why with him?"

So, a week before my 17th Birthday, I gave birth to my first son, Lee. Damn if he wasn't cute and I looked into his eyes, as he strained to look into mine and my life was never the same. There and then, I saw my own eyes, in his and the circle of life was evident. I felt complete, with purpose, for the first time in my life. I laughed, I cried but I was scared clueless.

Motherhood is a wonderful thing. It's also the hardest job you'll ever have. You will continue to laugh and you will continue to cry. They will make you smile and break your heart. They will give you meaning but for a time, you will lose your identity. You will trade your name in for the label of "Mom." You might even forget who you were/are?

There are several ways of looking at motherhood and life, in general. The first thing to assimilate is that all things happen for a reason. There's no such thing as luck, coincidence or magic. All things, including this pregnancy, happen for a reason. As soon as you stop questioning, "
Why God? why not my ex whom i loved and wanted to have a child with some day? why this person whom i dont deeply care for, who should have just been a blip in my life but now is much more?" the sooner you will begin to see the reasons behind it all. Then, you will/can find joy in your situation, namely this child. All things happen for a a reason.

Everything is a state of mind. Happiness, freedom, love and motherhood, are all a state of mind. No, everyday is not always peachy keen but I do guarantee some smiles and reason for living along the way.

You have choices in everything, every situation. You can choose to be happy and welcome this child with open arms. Although he is a product of a man you are not in love with, he/she is also a product of yourself. Love thyself and you will and can love your child.

Learn to be grateful for all things good and bad. See, while some people say the glass of water is half full, others say the glass is half empty, right? You must learn to be grateful for the water and not concern yourself as to what's in the glass or how much is there. When you begin to have a grateful attitude, all things will fall into place. When you become grateful for this child, you will then find the joy, the gift within the gift.

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

P.S., I might possibly suggest seeking counseling for your depression or stepping up your sessions if you've already incorporated counseling. There's nothing wrong with admitting you're having a hard time dealing. The harm is if you allow yourself to go unchecked with unbridled emotion or even the lack of it. Speaking with a trained Therapist is even a good idea. They don't hand you answers but they do help you work through things. As well, they will validate your feelings and emotions as you talk about things. Working towards a healthier you and being good to yourself will allow you to be good to your baby.

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corenna said...

Just want to thank you for the advice. it has helped me to get real and start thinking about this pregnancy in a more healthy and practical manner. basically, it comfirmed what i already knew to be true...i guess in part i sometimes need reassurance and reminding. thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. im sure when the next time i write you i will have better to news on my progress.