Monday, March 17, 2008

Strange Perception

Hey Aunt B,

Well to make it short…My exboyfriend was doing really good…He went from nothing…to Having a good job, going to school and finally his car…He is the type of person who lies at anyones expense..he can use people..and overall he can be self fish and not care about nothing else..not even his family..he is going on 22 and I feel he will never get it..He is falling into really bad stuff..right now he no longer lives at home and is running out of money…just last week I think he robbed his own job….and now they know its him…so he quit..he has not paid his car note…so I feel like he is headed in the wrong direction..I know he has deep feelings for me…and I thought that I could make him see things differently…I want him to realize what situations he is putting himself in….I want him to THINK!!!! I have tried, and tried and tried talking to him all sorts of ways…and no results. He is still the same person…but lately its just getting worst…he is doing worst..and im sooooo scared and worried for him…I don't want him to end up dead or in prison….What do I do??? Do I just give up on him? Because im also hurting myself in a way…should I just leave him alone…I feel that If I leave he will have NO One…but im tired of feeling disappointed by him…should I just give up and let him live his life the way he wants to?



Dear Lladira,

This is a difficult situation for sure. On the one hand you feel like you should “stand by your man” because you love him. But on the other you know that he is walking a dangerous road.

I can’t tell you what to do, but if it were me, I would leave. Honestly you cannot run the risk of being implicated in his shady dealings, and if he is really that much of a liar… well I just don’t think that I would be able to trust him not sinking me too.

This guy needs a reality check that you cannot provide for him. And he will slide down into some serious trouble right away. Stealing from your employer and being under suspicion for it doesn’t go away because you have quit. In fact it makes it compellingly obvious that you did something wrong. So you can pretty much bank on his employer following up on that.

There is a strange perception that someone who lies or steals from their employer, that doesn’t mean that they would do so from you. But in my experience it is actually very much the opposite. A person, who has no regard for their employer, when the employer has invested in you and has given you an opportunity, is a person who has a mix of morality. What makes it right to steal from someone who has given you something so beneficial? It isn’t right, and he knows it. And in that frame of mind, a person like that could steal from a person they loved.

This guy will be going through a really tough road, and you leaving will not make that any easier. But you shouldn’t feel guilty for that. You have done nothing wrong, and you shouldn’t be punished for that. And I think you will be if you stay.

Best thing I could suggest is to make sure he has a list of people or resources that could help him to fix what he has done. And maybe once he has made good on his trespasses then you can maybe have a friendship and maybe a relationship again. But until that happens you need to worry about yourself and how much trouble this can land you in.

I hope you do well with what ever you choose, and if you need help finding resources for your boyfriend or for yourself, don’t hesitate to ask.

Brightest Blessings


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