Friday, March 21, 2008

A No Strings Heartache

Dear Aunt B,

Recently i have just broken up with my boyfriend of 7 months.Now, 2 months later, i find myself hooking up with him every weekend. My friend who is really good friends with my ex talked to him about this and he says he still really loves me he just didnt like it when we were going out and i dont know why. i dont think i can take much more of this hooking up and knowing that he is not mine anymore and could do this with other girls. i want him back so badly but just dont know how to do it. should i confront him with what i think and tell him how i feel or should i just sit back and wait and let him come to me? Please help i really hate feeling so hurt.

Truly Yours,


Dear Gabrielle,

For sure you should confront him. It’s quite plain that he still has feelings for you, but you need to find out if that is enough for you.

Maybe he is the kind of guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Or maybe he feels like he isn’t ready to be too serious. Or maybe he wants no strings so he can have other girls on the side. Who knows, until you ask.

But whatever his deal is, you need to figure out what you need too. If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship I would seriously consider severing ties. Why? Because you want something different and will continue to be hurt because he doesn’t want a relationship. It is truly a horrible feeling to love someone and to be hurt constantly by that person. Especially when it isn’t their fault (like having a no strings sexual relationship, he is free to see other women and that would hurt you).

But not saying anything could really damage what you have because if you wait too long he might just think that this is the perfect arrangement. Besides, wouldn’t you just rather know??

Sit down and talk with him one night. And know what you are capable of giving and what you are able to live with.

Good luck!


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