Friday, April 20, 2007

Healing From The Unexplained

This was sent to Aunt B via email

Dear Aunt B,
Hello, this is your granddaughter Jessica. I just want to know, what you think about that Virginia Tech Shooting? Me personally, I was in tears. It was not fair to those who are in college, trying to make something of themselves. Then a low-life foreigner (Please don't take this the wrong way, everyone) who as here just for college and that's it, to take their lives. This just goes to show, that there is no way to be safe in the U.S.A. We might as well give up. This country is shot. To add to that, the people here (Mostly the Government, in my eyes) are greedy. In the dictionary, the definition for greed, should be the U.S. Government.

Dear Jessica,
I feel your pain on this as you and I both know, it hit close to home. I don't understand why people do what they do? If anybody has seen, true crime and behavior, you know it is me. I've met and lived with, some of the most brutal people. I've had conversations, with women, who callously killed their very own children. I don't understand them or their behavior. There is no answer short of mental illness. I'd also attach a hidden agenda of that nasty entity, who walks the depths of hell. After you've sat with, dined with and lived with these people, you get a whole new outlook. Prisons are filled with people who are mentally ill. It's extremely hard to get an Insanity Plea to work anymore and a huge percentage of these people, who should be in a mental institution, are placed in prison. I met more than my share and they themselves, can not explain their own crimes. While it is completely unfathomable to grasp any semblance of understanding as to why people behave as they do, we must learn from this, to expect the unexpected. For the civilized population, it is things such as this and the deaths at Virginia Tech, that we must learn from. There were warning signs, as there often are. Teachers had made note, even mental note. One particular teacher, even went to higher ups, concerning the fact that this guy was menacing her other students with his behavior and his abrasive poetry, projecting violence. She was basically met with the old standard; if he's done nothing, we can do nothing. I suppose the lesson to be learned is if you see something, say something and heed the warnings.
Healing from this, is of course the hardest part. When you can't understand, the reasoning for something, it makes it harder. But we must live and learn, become wiser or the killer wins.
We can not choose to look at the racial overtones, looking for fault, is natural though. It is in our nature to blame the particular race for the whole situation instead of looking at the individual. Cho had and is a permanent resident since 1992. He is from Korea but let me point out to you this; other than this killing spree, the one, which he may have modeled his behavior from, the Columbine Massacre, 8 years ago and those boys were American. Mental Illness comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and obviously; Race.
We must learn to take people seriously, as to what they might reveal in the inner workings of their mind. I learned this very valuable lesson, myself, even recently. I never believed my Boyfriend, Chris would kill himself. He had said he was going to before and I thought it was a blow-hard tactic. But he was serious, wasn't he? He followed through and sadly, I must learn a very hard lesson. I wrote about that here.

We must not allow the killer to profit, even in his death.
Next month, the students, who were killed, will be awarded their Degrees. How touching and befitting, this compilation of sorrow.

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