Saturday, October 24, 2009

If You Only Ask

Dear Aunt B,

Hi, I'm randy. I'm 16 & I've been having a lot of problems at home. My mom & I haven't been getting along at all. Since the summer, it seems my mom hasn't been putting me as one of her top priorities. She went for weeks at a time without calling me or anything & when I would call her she wouldn't answer. She didn't come home at night when I went home. I spent a lot of time at my girlfriends house. Lately, things have been out of control. My moms been on me about everything, sometimes I don't even do anything & she'll ground me. She won't let me see my girlfriend anymore & that's hard on me. She wouldn't even give me a ride to her house in the morning when that's my ride to school just because she doesn't want me seeing her. I walk there every morning, even in the freezing cold. We haven't spoken in weeks. The last time we did I told her I wasn't happy with the way things were & she just blew it off. I even asked to move with my grandma but she wouldn't allow it. We got in a fight & I ended up telling her I hate her. We made up a few days later but then out of the blue she grounded me again. She even drinks with my underage brother & his underage friends when she was pregnant. She's since lost the baby. We fight constantly & the other night topped them all. She was threatening to overdose & told me it was because of me. I've lost all respect for my mom & since I'm still grounded its gotten to the point where I come home from school & lay in bed all night doing nothing just so I won't have to see her. Its been really hard on me. I've been trying to get into legal matters to try & get out of the house & live with my grandma. When I was little & I was in foster care until I was six, & lived with my grandma. Every police officer & everyone I've talked to so far have told me that there's nothing they can do without my moms consent. Is there any way I can get out? Any numbers I can call? In racine wisconsin where I live there is no emancipation law but is there a different way? I'd appreciate the help, thank you.
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Dear Randy,

You do need to get help from a social service, and I hope that given what you have said here that they will listen to you and have the information they need to help you. Print off this letter (that you wrote) and try and be a little more specific with the dates (gov’t papers like dates). I can’t tell you if they will remove you from your home or not, but it is the job of a social service to investigate and help families in need. Yours definitely fits that category. Not only for you, but for your mothers safety as well. If she is threatening suicide she needs immediate help.

This situation has been hard on you, and it would be hard on anyone. You and your mom are going through a very rough time, and maybe the people listed below can help both of you. So please, make sure you reach out to them... and if one doesn’t do anything, go to the next. Don’t get discouraged.

Family Services of Racine (262) 634-2391

Children’s Service Society-Wis (262) 633-3591

Lutheran Social Services (262) 637-3886

Salvation Army (262) 619-1764

And there is Human services you can contact via website here:

I hope that in this list you find the help you need.



I encourage you to follow through with the leads that Xmichra has provided. She's right, if you only ask, they must investigate and solve the issue. You need only to ask for help!!

Aunt B

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