Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's Good for the Goose...

This was sent to Aunt B via email... Dear Aunt B, have a problem i m in love wid a guy crazily... he loves me too but recently he keeps on chattin wid other gals,which i dnt like.i am 2 scared to ask him about it but i love him...n he does too wat shud i do? it eatin me... Dear Anonymous, People are not mind readers are they? You must state your needs, your likes and dislikes but you have to find the right time, place and moment.

Guys tend to become defensive if confronted, I am aware of this. But they sure do love flattery, don't they? This is most likely why he is possibly flirtatious, with these other girls.

So, you've got to be his everything and step up your formula for success.
You find a private moment, when you can feel he is in a good mood and loving. Then, you tell him that you care so much about him, enough that it makes you crazy when he talks to other girls. Now, you can't say it like you are serious and it makes you look insane like some stalker. You have to approach it in a humorous, amusing way.

You might try telling him that you think he is good looking and you know why these girls talk to him, notice what I just said; "Why these girls talk to him." See, now you are not being or acting in an accusatory manner but making it look like you understand because he is a nice looking guy and the girls are talking to him, not him talking to the girls. Follow me?

Believe it or not, guys often like it when their girlfriend is a bit jealous but not in a nasty, crazy, I'll kill you if you talk to another girl, way. You then tell him that it does make you a bit jealous (with a smile on your face) when he talks to all these girls and you want him all for yourself.
I am not going to leave you with that though. I want you to realize that there will always be circumstances, whether it is at school, work or any other place, that your guy will have interchanges with other girls.

We may all get jealous when our guy talks to them but if has done nothing wrong, you have to keep your butt in check and not act crazy. You can not be possessive, especially if he has given you no good reason to be or feel that way. What I mean is that if he has always been attentive to you and is not being out and out flirtatious, you need to keep it to yourself.

He may also feel the same way, if you talk to other guys. he may see you in a conversation with another guy and watch your body language. If you are acting all sexy and flirtatious, it might just burn his butt. I say this because you always have to put yourself in the other persons place. You have to try to see things as they might.

In turn, watch him first, when you see him talking to these other girls. Does he act ashamed when you walk up on him after he has talked to them? If he does, he may be up to no good. If he is talking to these girls or he touches them, then he getting too friendly.
If after you have done, what I said in the second paragraph and he doesn't get the point, there a couple of things you can do;

1. Have him read this. You just say to him, I want you to read something and maybe this will speak what you can not say.

2.If he continues, then I have always believed, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. You must not be so reclusive or reserved, huh? I mean, I'd bet that he feels safe that you are completely loyal?Now,you talk to a guy or two, when you know there's the chance that he may see you.

When he wonders what your conversation and intention is, it will make him feel how you feel. He's not a mind reader either, so he's going to wondering if you are trying to get with this guy or just having a conversation. He will feel what you are feeling. If and when he calls you on it, you go in for the pointer; Ah ha, now you know how I feel. I love you and I do not want to invest my heart into a guy that is trying to pick up another girl.
My suggestion is to tell him that you care so much and to have him read this. It will get your point said for you.

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