Saturday, June 27, 2009

You See???

Dear Aunt B,

So I went to my cousin's wedding today and I saw this really cute guy. I kept looking at him and so did my friend. We were talking and I called him hot then me and my friend hurried away. He followed us around and stuff in the halls and we didn't mind. He was like tickling us and it was fun and I think I really like him. So my friend got caught and had to sit upstairs with her parents and me and this boy kissed a few times until i had to go upstairs. He has my number and we've been texting but I don't think he like likes me....I really don't know. I'm confused because I really like him...




Dear ShyandSecluded,

Lol... okay, I am laughing a little at the shy & secluded bit, because this situation sounds pretty bold!!

At any rate, the situation you have now is probably a good one. For all intent and purpose, this texting relationship is the slow-get-t-know ride that will help you decide if you actually do like this guy, or were merely attracted to his looks.

As for him, who knows if he likes you, maybe that is why he is texting you. I’d pretty much say he does to the point of being interested in you, because guys generally don’t text/write/call if they are just not that into you.

Keep up the texting, and see where it leads :)

Brightest Blessings


Dearest ShyandSecluded,

Well, suffice it to say, I am not a mind reader but it's not Rocket Science to see that he followed you, kissed you and more importantly took your number and texts you.

My advice to you is pretty simple and something, words you might always use;
Lay out the situation in your mind, lay out the journey you want to take and envision it, the how to's the what have's and how you might arrive at your intended destination. In simpler terms; If it is your goal to further this relationship with this or any other fella, you must simply think of a way to make it happen. Be so bold and say what needs to be said to get what you want.

The important part of this is even simpler...envision any and all possible responses to any question you might need an answer to. In other words, if you are going to ask him out, let's say, you think about all possible answers he might give you. He might very well be shy and evasive, right? Well, then you might make it easier for him by breaking the ice and inviting him to something, i.e., the movies, skating, even out for ice cream. Simpler yet, how about meeting at the park or even somewhere more neutral, as in where there are lots of people, possibly the Mall and no room for uncomfortable situations.

The essence of my advice is for you to think of all possible answers to any question you might pose to him. This gives you the benefit of bracing yourself for any let down you might come across therefore bolstering yourself and possibly taking away any of the sting in the mix.

For real though, if you set yourself up for a fall, meaning if you ask him, in a bold fashion any question but you've already looked at all the possibilities, any and all answers he might give and learn not to take them personal, then you'll have the program down pat. The point being that, take note, if he tells you NO to any question or invite, you must not take it personal because it just wasn't meant to be. You See???

Keeping It Real,

Aunt B

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