Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing Is Taboo; Spanking

Hi Aunt B,

I am 61 male and have a desire to be bent over a woman's knee for a spanking is this normal and what should i do?

Dear Reader,

First question, yes it is normal. It is normal to fantasize about a plethora of things actually. And this is one of the ones where making it a reality isn’t a bad thing. There are plenty of people who like S&M (you would be a submissive in this action) and where this is not doing any harm to anyone I don’t see why you can’t see it to fruition.

On that note, you don’t specify if you are single or married/attached. This is important, because if you are you should share your desires with your mate. I cannot stress this enough. If you choose to pursue this desire without your partner... okay, well I would just simply advise you to not do that. Your desire isn’t sick or weird, it is a fantasy. If your partner isn’t “into” it that is fine as well. But you should share this about yourself.

There is a ton of reading material that you can research about spanking/S&M/etc. Make sure you are reading the right things (because some are just fantasy forums, and some are full of dogma) to get to know the “why” if you are interested. But the general want to be spanked isn’t abnormal.

When you do decide to pursue this desire with someone, please be sure to talk about it and not just spring it on them (talking about something socialy accepted as taboo requires buildup) and I again would strongly advise you to pursue this with a person who cares for you, because sometimes we will desire something but once we are *there* we change our mind, or decide it isn't what you'd thought it would feel like. So you want to have a safe environment with someone you trust.

I hope you find the right time/place/person to share you desire with.

~ Xmichra

Soulseer Said...

Dear Reader,

Many people have become desensitized to regular porn or regular sex because we are over saturated with it and by it. You can get regular porn anywhere now. But I would say that it's absolutely normal that you being a man would want to give up, um, and it's a power shift that you would want to give up power and release to being dominated and a lot of men are like this. They like to be sexually dominated because in real life they are almost always in power and responsible or held responsible and this is a way of giving up that power in a controlled setting.
Check out This is a fetish website which deals w/every fetish out there, pretty much. But you know, in closing it's absolutely normal and you should not ever be ashamed of it and maybe I encourage you to follow your dreams. Get yo freak on!!!

Be Yourself,


Dear Friend,

When we say "Nothing Is Taboo" when answering your questions, well you can see we mean it. I say this because some may think this is a taboo subject. I do not think it is and I happen to think if this is how you feel and it harms no one, then I see no problem with it.

Believe it or not, this may stem from how you were disciplined as a child. Yes, some children, in order to get attention will quite often do negative things in order to get that attention. Were you a mischievous young man?

I'm surprised that at 61 you are just now delving into this? Or perhaps you are just now realizing your fantasy about this? It could be that you are just now venting or admitting that this is what trips your trigger. Again, I see nothing wrong with it.

If you Google the word "Spanking" you will get an array of links, some suggesting the etymology of the word like in Wikipedia .Other links may lead you to such sites as the Spanking Club of New York. If you research this or even go into some of these sites you may very well find interested parties and fellow fetish friends.

And yet again, if you look around and just Google the word spanking as I said, you will find a lot of people that are into the same thing thus proving that you are not alone. I suggest that you do as I said, take a gander at some of these links where you just might find yourself at home, on familiar ground and you never know...a friend indeed who just might accommodate your very wish. Happy Hunting!!!

Keeping It Real,

Aunt B

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Frankiecon said...

Hello, my favorite advice blogger/writer/soul sister.
Great advice, and I just want to tell you once more how much I admire you.

Love you