Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let Mz.Karma Bitchslap Do Her Job

Dear Aunt Babz,

Mz Babs I'm pissed beyond reasonable thinking. I gave my virginity to an a**hole and when i found out he was an a**hole, I dropped him. that was in may 2007. i haven't been with anyone since and 8 months later, i find out that f***er gave me chlamydia. im sorry for cursing but I'm trying to shoot him now. I'm on a gun hunt and everything. but I dont wanna get my hands dirty for him no matter how much I feel he deserves to be shot. I dont know what to do all i know is, I seek justice.
Dear Friend,

Good Grief!!! I'd be pissed too. But let me assure you,
Mz. Karma Bitchslap™
will take care of business. You just concern yourself with getting better.

I do so understand your anger but I must let you in on a little secret; Your anger is yours and only you will suffer for it.

When it comes down to it, we'd all like a little Justice, Wild Wild West style, now wouldn't we? If anybody knows about this, I do and I've paid for it every since.

"I know you're angry, rightfully so but I sure as hell don't want you to go down the path, I had to go down. I am who I am because of it, good and bad."

Yes, I shot my, then boyfriend. He'd beaten me so badly I was beyond recognizable. It wasn't the first time either but I assure it was the last. He was jailed, after The Last Beating and then two weeks later, released. He showed up at my door.

To make a long story short, (which I can never do...)he had a friend living with us and he became resentful that he'd been jailed while his buddy stayed at my apartment. This friend of his was paying to stay there and as a single Mom, I needed that money, so why would I throw this guy out for no good reason?

But it had been painfully brainwashed/instilled in me, that whenever my boyfriend/husband was told to leave, get out, he would beat the snot out of me. So, when he showed up at my door, after his release, I was not, could not tell him to get out.

Friday night came, he was drinking, as usual and he was a nasty drunk. He picked a fight with Jerry, his buddy, who lived with us. He told him to get out and Jerry told him he was not leaving unless I told him to. "After all, isn't it B's apartment and doesn't she pay the bills." Oh shit, Jerry just slapped my ex's manhood. He'd have to do something now, huh?

My ex(boyfriend/husband) came into the bedroom, where I was and grabbed the .22 Rifle, fully loaded with 18 rounds. I begged him not to go out there with the gun. I was sitting on a bean bag on the floor, putting my socks on when he threw the gun at me and it hit me across the shins. Scope and all, it was heavy enough to be painful and I saw red.

I went out with the gun, safety on and told him to get out. He looked at me and said, "Whatcha gonna do, you Dirty Bitch, shoot me, huh?" He began to slowly walk towards me. He backed me down the hall. He knew I was a trained Marksman. "Click," and now the safety was off. I was at the end of the hall and when I had no where else to go, he tried to grab the gun.
I had it locked into my shoulder and a shot went off, missing him. When he'd grabbed the gun, at the end of the barrel, he'd hit the spring loading arm/mechanism and all the bullets came flying out...except one which was chambered.

I turned the gun on him and shot him point blank in the stomach. He fell hard, backwards, onto the floor. I remember thinking that he might get up and I grabbed a bullet off the floor and loaded it, holding the gun on him, growling that he'd better not get up(This is what witnesses told the police). As I calmly gave instructions for the other people in the apartment to go call 911, he lay dying, right there in front of me. And as they took him out of the door, he held a bloody hand up and told me, "but I love you." There was blood everywhere. Jerry helped me clean it up later the next day.

They were 4 minutes from a Trauma Center, right there in Fairfax, Virginia. This is the only reason he lived. He was in ICU for 4 days, cut from sternum to groin, it nicked his liver and his kidney and came out of his back, so close to his spine that his right leg was paralyzed for some time after.

That day, was my best, some would say and the absolute worst day of my life. Yes, he'd beat me over and over and it was a constant just waiting for it. But could I have lived with the fact that I'd killed him? I don't think so. It's been hard enough living with the memory of it and him with his bloody hand telling me that he loved me.

I almost went to jail for it, as well. The only reason I didn't was the fact that I'd filed warrants against him before. In addition to that, the Officer who'd responded the last time and who'd physically taken me to the Hospital, also responded the night I shot my ex. He rallied in my defense, that it was self defense. My ex also thought, because it'd happened so quickly, that the first shot is what got him and it was a result of him grabbing the gun. He gave his statement to that effect that it had been an accident. But it wasn't an accident and he'd not known it for years to come.

It's a lot to live with, my friend. Think before you do and let Mz.Karma do her job.

Then...Listen to this, it explains why I shot him;

Extremely Graphic

A teaser from my upcoming book.

Keeping It Real,

Aunt Babz

P.S., Let this be a lesson to those that might read this, yes, those of you that have unprotected sex. These days, people will look healthy but can be a time bomb. Never assume, someone is disease free. Always use a condom, Always!!!

Chlamydia Signs & Symptoms

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