Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be Patient

Dear Aunt B,

I (a college student) met a very friendly guy at a party and we talked to each other three times. But we didn't contact until a couple of weeks ago I asked for his advice on the project I had been engaged in. (He's kind of expert at it.) About five days later, he replied that the project seemed interesting to him and he would like to discuss it with me in person. Unfortunately because of our tight schedule at the time, we couldn't managed to meet. On the other hand, he helped me by telling me his opinions online.

Now he's leaving. I would like to meet him again and express my gratitude. He is quite a nice guy to me. But the problem is: I don't know if he is intersted in me and I don't want to "bother" him if he is really not. So I left a message asking whether he likes the idea of taking him out for afternoon tea as a thank you. He replied something like "Yeah! That would be cool!" But he also stated that he plans to do some traveling in the next few weeks and that he would, however, try to find a good time. Is this his euphemist rejection? Or this is not? What should I do next?

I hope I gace sufficient information. Please tell me what is your take on this and million thanks for your suggestions! I really appeciate your help.


Dear M:

Well, I dont think he is trying to brush you off. I think this is a thing about circumstance, and the right place at the right time. He is leaving, and likely has a lot to do to prepare. I would think that if he was trying to let you down easy, that he would just tell you he was really busy and didnt have the time right now to hook up. But he didnt. He wanted to make sure that you were aware that he had limited time, but that he wanted to meet with you regardless of the scheduling.

To me, that sounds like he cares enough to tell you if hes not interested.

What you do from here? Well that is a little more precarious, only due to his time restraint. Unfortunately this is totally his to decide. He needs to come up with a plan, and thats all there is to it.

So, you need to Be Patient. And if it was meant to work out, it will. But Im fairly confident that he will get in touch with you, sounds as though he wants to.

Wishing you patients and luck :)


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