Saturday, May 3, 2008

Confession Time, Inc.

In an effort to bring about total healing, the Staff here at Ask Aunt Babz, welcome you to check out and maybe even confess on our new site, Confession Time, Inc.

This is a new site which gives you the opportunity to purge your soul, confess your sins, off load the grimy crime and get it all off your chest. Big or Small, we'll take it all!

Click the button on the sidebar and 1,2,3 bada bing bada boom, you email and I'll post your confession.

See, it's cathartic to just get it out and let it go. Sometimes, things feel so bad, you know, what you did or said seemed so God awful but you feel you can't tell anybody. Right?

Here at Confession Times, we won't judge or hold a grudge. It's all about Tame the Shame and Blame Game. See, guilt, shame, blame and the likes, especially anger will eat you up inside. It's not healthy, it's not conducive to your personal happiness and it'll all kill minute, one second at a time. Slow and steady.

So, long story short, it's a good exercise to confess, to get it all out. We encourage you to email us and we'll post your confession.

How It Works

You click one of the buttons on the sidebar and email us. All emails are/will be confidential. In the event that you really want anonymity and don't even want us to know your email address, I might suggest Mailinator. No gimmicks, no sign-up, just straight email disposable address.

Welcome To Confession Time, Inc.

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