Monday, February 1, 2010

It Is Common

Dear Aunt B,

So, I'm 19, in college, still a virgin, and I had my first pelvic exam the other day. Everyone I talked to and everything I looked up online beforehand said it wouldn't be painful in the least bit, but it hurt like a bitch. I even bled a bit for two days afterwards. After the exam was done, I fainted. I don't know why, but I just passed out.
It wasn't the doctor's fault. She was as gentle and caring as could be. She explained everything she was doing, asked me if I was uncomfortable, asked if I wanted her to stop the exam, etc.
I needed to get this exam as I have an abnormal menstrual cycle and a family history of ovarian cancer, so I told her to continue on.

However, two things bother me now.
One, I feel... gross after the exam. Not because she saw me naked, because she's a doctor and nudity doesn't really bug me. I dunno. Just the feeling of something being inside me and hurting like that. It was such an unnatural, uncomfy feeling. I also feel infinitely lame for being so upset over a standard medical procedure. We're girls. We have to get checked out. But for someone who doesn't even like using tampons because its much too creepy, it was just... unsettling. Which is completely dumb.

Second thing that bothers me: why did it hurt so much? She used the smallest scope possible, and it STILL hurt. Sex is going to kill me. What if I can't do it when the time comes because I'll be so freaked out about the feeling of pain and that really disturbing feeling of having something go up that way?
I just don't understand why I have such issues with my own parts. It's just a vagina. I'm being ridiculous. But thinking about it all makes me frustrated and actually makes me wanna cry.

I'm sorry if that was way too detailed and graphic. I'm just super frustrated with this whole thing and with myself for blowing it WAY out of proportion.
Thanks again for listening to my rant.

Dear Reader,

I am not sure what you have been able to read has been the best material, because it is common for women who have never had a pelvic exam to experience discomfort. It is common for women who are virgins to feel minor amounts of pain during and after a pelvic exam because of the breaking of your hymen. It is normal for women who have had exams before to experience minor amounts of pain from the possibility of a pinch in the vaginal wall. And more than often, women experience bleeding after a pap test.

That being said, it should be minor pain not major pain. If you have major pain, itching, swelling or tenderness I would suggest going to see a doctor as soon as possible (preferably not the one you just saw) to rule out a staph infection. I’m not saying that is what you have, and you would know already if the pain was super intense that there was a major issue.

It’s been a long time since i had my ‘first’ pap test, but the first one I had after having my child was really quite painful. And that can happen too after having children. But the point I am trying to make, is that it can be painful/uncomfortable and be normal. I really wouldn’t panic about that. Yes, a Pap should be unpainful and rather uneventful, but we are not all the same (and neither are our cervixes!).

As for the strangeness you are feeling about having something foreign in your body, I think that is normal too. I am sexually active, and find getting a pap makes me feel pretty icky too. It’s just the idea of what it is, and it’s cold metal, and it’s all science-no-love type vibe that makes it feel peculiar. But, it saves lives and is so important. So make sure you are getting your pap test done annually, and don’t feel to badly about the ick factor. Some people feel fine about it, and others don’t. But what is important to know, is it’s normal to feel the way you do.

Hope the tests come back clear, and for a better more relaxing test next time :)


Dear Reader,

Hi, first I just wanted to say that your not alone in this. A lot of people that have their first exam are uncomfortable. I can remember when I had mine done. I was 15 years old because there was a cyst. They were gentle with me but it hurt and I felt embarrassed also.

In all I got over it after a couple of days and the pain and felling gross was over. I was scared to have sex when I got older too. But the guy you met and believe is the one, well, you just tell him to be gentle. It's okay to tell him this. A little (or a lot,tehe) foreplay will help big time to keep your mind off the pain you might remember.

Let me tell you though, its not the same pain and uncomfortable feeling as a pelvic exam. Your body's hormones will kick in when you've decided to make the big move. And your body will naturally open up. It's quite magical.

It may hurt a little I'm not going to lie but its only for a few seconds,but then, hopefully you will enjoy it . All women have different experiences. We're hoping that yours will be a pleasant, rewarding as well as memorable moment in time.

When it comes to our yearly exams, every one deals with it differently. Your not blowing it out of proportion your just concerned and worried like everyone else that goes though it for the first time. Don't sweat it, relax and hopefully you'll enjoy yourself.

Be Safe, Use Caution,


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Anonymous said...

Being someone with a sensitive cervix, I completely completely sympathize with you. After that amount of discomfort, I really hope that you do take Xmichra's advice to get checked by another doctor. I actually got sympathy pains just reading your post. You are NOT alone! Ouch! Motrin and rest does help. <3